Launching Pad for Growth

Message from Our Founders

In 2009, as we saw the Indian economy recover from the global meltdown on the backdrop of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, we found that fundraising and M&A advisors in India focused only on the large enterprise organizations. Advisors to startups, small and medium sized businesses were few and far between.

To fill this gap, Lastaki Advisors was formed as a mid-market focused boutique investment bank that partners with entrepreneurs & founders in building businesses that create an impact on the Indian and Global economy.

For most businesses, scaling up effectively beyond a certain size becomes challenging because of limited access to the right expertise and capital resources. It is in such scenarios that Lastaki, which means ‘bow’ or ‘launching pad’ in Sanskrit, makes a telling impact.

After having led director level positions at bulge-bracket investment banks and funds, we wanted to bring a similar level of rigor and expertise to the mid-market. This meant that the ethos of our organization stood on 3 key pillars:

1. Expertise:
A team of seasoned professionals and industry practitioners providing objective advice to clients. We are known in the market for our honest advice and technical ability to manage complex situations.

2. Commitment:
Prioritizing client interests to ensure that we build long-lasting relationships with founders.

3. Perseverance:
Dedicated to make continuous efforts in achieving client objectives and goals with a high quality of service and integrity.

After spending close to three decades cumulatively researching over 1,000+ businesses, we understand that well-timed interventions in terms of financial and strategic support can make all the difference.

Fast forward to today, Lastaki has executed over 100+ transactions in fundraise, M&A and management advisory having worked with clients across multiple sectors such as Marketing Services, Technology, Pharma, Telecom, Consumer, Finance, etc. with new-age as well as traditional business models. We continue to partner with entrepreneurs & founders who are building enduring businesses and are committed to serving them with the best quality of service.

Lastaki's 100 for 100 Club: We embarked with a Mission to help create the first INR100 crores (approx. US$13 Million) of personal wealth for 100 entrepreneurs & founders and with an eventual broader Vision to help create & amplify the organizational & personal wealth of all Lastaki clients.

Our Approach

Committed to unlocking value for our clients, Lastaki takes a 360 (degree) view of the business and executes the appropriate action –fundraise (equity/ debt), M&A, or management advisory.

Lastaki has helped businesses across sectors unleash their true potential by implementing appropriate solution/s at the appropriate life-cycle of the business.