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  • An innovative approach to acquisitions in India for buyers looking for robust, inorganic growth in the country
  • Instead of considering “what’s available” it is our belief that a buyer should take a more structured approach to his acquisition decisions
  • We do this by conducting a research exercise where we “Map the Market” i.e., collect information on and prioritize all the companies that would qualify as acquisition targets based on certain pre-defined criteria
  • Market Scoping exercise is a stand-alone service which is exclusive of our Investment Banking activities


Step 1:
Identify Criteria

Acquisition rationale, sector focus, geography, size, etc.

Step 2:

Identity companies and rank them by order of priority. Get access to business and financial data and understand willingness of promoters to sell

Step 3:
Narrow Down and Acquire

Top-Down and Bottom-Up analysis to make the right strategic decision

Value Proposition

  • Structured Approach:
    As opposed to evaluating options on an opportunistic basis, which can be time consuming and lead to ill-informed decisions, this research exercise gives a structured view of the market
  • Informed Decision:
    Benchmark the various options available in the market to choose the most appropriate partner and strategy
  • Save Time and Costs:
    Cut down on ‘scouting time’ as all options are presented in a single report – at a fraction of the cost of the investment you will make in India
  • Lastaki Insight:
    Benefit from our experience, understanding and unparalleled network in the space to give you the "real picture" and not just rely on hearsay, secondary research, or management’s view on themselves