We Provide Cutting-Edge Services which
Propel Businesses to the Next Level


  • We offer a host of management advisory services that are specifically geared to help achieve higher growth, scale and profitability
  • We go beyond just providing strategy recommendations by partnering with clients every step of the way to ensure a successful implementation of ideas


Despite operating professionally and profitably, there are times when the financials of a business do not reflect the true value of the enterprise. This often occurs because companies, while focusing on core business processes, have not invested enough time in structuring finances and presenting the numbers optimally.

With Value Optimization, businesses can expect to:

  • Reduce the cost of capital and explore a wide range of options for raising funds
  • Achieve true market value in a sustained way
  • Understand capital markets & build symbiotic relationships with them

The Value Optimization Methodology involves:

  • Collaboratively establishing engagement objectives
  • Assessing the business from an investor perspective
  • Presenting existing market views to the management
  • Crafting a market strategy that aligns with business needs & goals
  • Optimizing the business to help achieve the company’s capital market goals
  • Creating a market interaction strategy for the management
  • Enabling well-timed interventions & meetings with key market participants
  • Establishing credibility in the minds of investors
  • Advising on corporate governance issues

Why Clients Choose Us

  • Real-time fund management experience with a stellar track record
  • Multi-sector equity research skills
  • A team comprising senior professionals with practical experience of and exposure to a wide range of businesses in India & abroad
  • An analyst team possessing excellent financial modelling skills

While having a solid product or service offering is essential for any business, its success depends, to a large extent, on being able to sell that product or service profitably and repeatedly. But ensuring this happens isn’t an easy task.

  • Understanding opportunities and pain points to recommend and implement highly granular solutions
  • Establishing an institutionalised sales system of market mapping, meetings, tracking & analysis of meetings, and sourcing progress
  • Setting up robust sales engines for enterprises to boost business performance and sales output
  • Creating a sales monitoring system to analyse the sales process and its efficacy

Companies often go through challenging cycles. For some, the problems may involve the ability to build scalable organizations to meet increasing demand while for others, the issues can be about seeing through difficult periods of increasing costs and/ or decreasing revenues.

The Performance Optimization Methodology involves:

  • Collaboratively establishing engagement objectives
  • Studying the business & its environment holistically
  • Analysing the current situation
  • Identifying fundamental pain points
  • Consulting & providing recommendations for short-term viability, medium-term rapid growth and long-term sustainability
  • Partnering with the client to implement and execute recommendations
  • Monitoring impact of solutions and course-correcting along the way
  • Evaluating performance at regular intervals to validate inputs

Why Clients Choose Us

  • A team that has interacted with & analysed over 1,000 businesses in India
  • A sharp focus on small and middle-sized companies
  • Partners have been on boards of several companies in India & abroad
  • A plug & play CFO with experience across industries
  • A team of research analysts that enables informed decision-making
  • An objective, third-party view with no bias toward client management groups

The greatest challenges that organizations face is the people one. In our view, there are 3 stages to the people problem:

  • Getting the right people for the job
  • Getting the right people to pull in the same direction
  • Getting the right people to pull in the right direction

Lastaki, in collaboration with Shilputsi Consultants, offers clients comprehensive HR solutions that include:

  • Strategic Organization Advisory and Talent Review & Analysis
  • Interim HR Management
  • Executive & Leadership Development
  • Talent Acquisition & Outplacement Services
  • Global HR Services

Why Clients Choose Us

  • Experience:
    Established a vast network of contacts across industries and effectively delivered on commitments
  • Strategic Methodology:
    Examine and evaluate a wide spectrum of HR and business issues to set clear goals, create a well-defined roadmap and deliver superior performance
  • Holistic Approach:
    A 360-degree solutions approach to HR; our breadth of work involves everything from deploying entire HR systems to providing problem-specific solutions

Prudent financial management is a prerequisite for sustainable business success. However, for startups, small and medium enterprises and funds, this is a challenge because key team members are very rarely able to devote enough time and attention for creating and systematising finance processes.

Our Fund-focused services enable the fund client members to focus on core-investment decisions while we own and optimize the non-core fund operations at a condensed cost.

  • Access to CFO-level talent at a fraction of the cost
  • Profit Optimization
  • Working Capital Optimization
  • Financial Management & Planning
  • Compliance Management
  • Systems & Process Optimization
  • MIS Optimization
  • Transaction & Administration Optimization
  • Setting-up funds and other corporate structures
  • Maintaining all non-investment fund operations
  • Optimizing cost of running funds