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Investment Banking Firm of the Year 2022 - India (Mid-Market)

Scaling up a business beyond a certain size requires an enormous amount of work. Usually this change is incredibly costly, altering the very foundations on which the organization is operated. For SMEs undergoing this process it can be hard to find the capital to unleash their potential. That is precisely the intention behind Lastaki Advisors. Responsible for representing numerous businesses in the region, they have been justly recognized in the Worldwide Finance Awards. We look more closely to uncover why.

In Sanskrit language, Lastaki means “bow” or “launching pad”. For companies across India, that is precisely the service the team offers – a way to build their businesses to ever greater heights. To this talented team, led by Founder & Managing Partner Mr. Dev Raman, a well-timed and strategic intervention can make an enormous difference to the level of success a business achieves. With access to the right investors, advisors and partners to support upcoming organizations, the team is proud to achieve truly breathtaking success.

The team’s track record in unlocking value for the mid-market is truly incredible, utilising its pecialized practices in equity/ debt capital raising, M&A (mergers & acquisitions), and management advisory to support its clients.


Dev Raman, Founder & Managing Partner of Lastaki Advisors speaking on developing a sound business strategy.