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Our Philosophy:
Our core philosophy with regards to Mergers & Acquisitions is to bring together entities that will become far more than just the sum of their parts. Our proven, knowledge-driven approach combined with deep expertise of the mid-market and an understanding of our clients’ needs and motivations are what makes Lastaki the best choice for transactions in this space.


  • Our team works with clients initially to understand the motivations of stakeholders and define the objectives of the engagement. From there, we look to identify the right target for our client depending on whether the objective is a sale, majority stake sale/ acquisition, minority stake sale/acquisition, etc.
  • Having shortlisted targets, we assess each one for fit by evaluating strengths, weaknesses, the pros and cons and present the results to our client. Once suitable targets have been identified, we take it ahead with a robust due diligence process before assessing valuations, enabling negotiations and taking the discussion to its logical end right through to the shareholder agreement and deal closure